Hair Replacement

Options for Hair Replacement

If you are in a situation where you believe your hair will grow back, you are fortunate.  Hair Replacement can be a tricky thing as the results may be permanent and you are now looking at options and cost.

Temporary Solution

A wig or hair piece and while some of these look very realistic, psychologically you know you have to take it off at night and you will be bald.  This could have a very negative impact if you are in a relationship and the other person isn’t as mindful or aware of what you are going through.   If your eyebrows have disappeared, you can get cosmetic tattooing.

Over the Counter Hair Loss

There is no question that some products will help with hair replacement, if you still have a head of hair, however as mentioned before they are not the solution.  Some products add volume to your hair and Minoxidil lotion can slow balding.

Hair Replacement / Hair Transplant

You may want to consider hair transplant, but make sure you cover all options through research so you know what is the best thing for you to do.

Any hair replacement procedure is done by a qualified surgeon who will have met you various times.  They all offer a consultation in the first instance and then after analysing the hair follicle will advise which treatment plan you should go on. Some offer financial assistance or payment plans.  There are always risks with any procedure, but this is all covered in the face to face meeting.  The best thing is for you to be aware of the pros and cons.

Make Contact

The clinic that we have recommended have a good reputation of looking after customers. They are friendly and will give you an appointment asap to go in and see them.