Hair Transplant

Thinking about a Hair Transplant?

If you are shopping around for a hair transplant cost, make sure you do your research.  It is costly and emotionally can be a whirlwind of emotions.  Ask the clinic(s) if they offer payment options, or finance agreements, some clinics will and some may not.  Most will offer a FREE Consultation so you can gather information before making a decision.

As mentioned you need to have a consultation and meet with a Trichologist before deciding on which hair transplant procedure is best for you.  It is possible to advise before meeting with you and/or discussing the treatments in detail.  The clinic we recommend is one of the best in the UK.

Hair Transplant – Options

The options for a hair transplant may be a course of medication which will involve speaking to your G.P. or it could be one of the various hair transplant treatments i.e. Biofibre, PRP, Non-Surgical etc.  Make sure the person you are talking to is trained, qualified and is considerate.  You could be spending a lot of money so you want to feel like you are being looked after.  This means their customer service has to be very good.

Hair Transplant – Which Clinic

You may be wondering how to find a suitable clinic for Hair Transplant.  First of all you will probably look at the link on our Hair Loss page.  Then you may search on Google, as you are looking at the clinics, see what information is on their website.  Look for before and after images, patient testimonials, member body associations etc.  You want the clinic you are potentially meeting to have as much experience as possible.  Most clinics offer a free first stage consultation, but remember this is also a time for you to ask the questions you want or need answers to.  Don’t be afraid to have a list prepared before you meet the Trichologist.