Non Surgical Hair Replacement

A hair loss clinic will have the experience to offer you non surgical hair replacement results quickly, they can also do it in a cost-effective way for you as most appreciate that everyone is juggling finances.  All non surgical hair replacement treatments are approved and offer you another option.

The treatment can be done over a longer period of time so it seems more natural.  People may comment on your hair and you might not want something that is too quick for people to believe its natural.  A hair loss clinic wants happy clients as they will refer other people.

What is Non Surgical Hair Replacement?

The treatment itself can stop or slow down excessive hair loss.  This will naturally produce fuller, healthier hair.  The clinic can also look at understanding why your scalp is in need of repair and work on improving the hair shaft properties.  If these go untreated, you may go round in a cycle of having hair that is not healthy and either breaks off or falls out.

First Steps

The first step to counteract Non-Surgical Hair Replacement is to meet with a Trichologist as they are the only qualified person to assess and analyse the hair follicle and determine what the cause of the unhealthy hair shaft is.  You should get a free consultation and then once you know the costs and timescale involved you can decide what you want to do.  We have a link on the hair loss page to take you to the clinic we recommend.  They have a range of clinic locations throughout the UK and will or should be able to help you.  Discuss the cost and ask if they do finance agreements as not every person is able to afford to pay all at once.  Most people are on a budget and they understand this.  Research and take this with you to the first meeting.